Post-Partum Yoga Practice Bundle

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A collection of classes curated for your post-partum journey. This includes a tutorial and follow along videos that can guide you in connecting with your mind and body. Get access for 6 weeks after you purchase and you may practice on your own time. You may choose whatever class suits your mood:

Core Restore* 15min- Start with this 15-minute tutorial to help you reconnect with your core so you can safely get back into yoga, exercise and movement.

Happy Hips 20min- This class is designed to give you space to breathe and just be with special focus on relaxing the pelvic floor and releasing your hip flexors; these muscle groups are commonly tense and tight post-birth. Take this class whenever you have an exhausting day (or night) or whenever you are stressed and need a breather post-partum and beyond.

Strong Mama Flow 25min- This is a strength-building pre-natal yoga class ideal for women in their 2nd trimester but also suitable for moms who want to ease back into their fitness.  This flow is designed to work on your glutes and pelvic floor muscles to support and stabilize your pelvis.

Chandra Namaskar 15min- Moon salutation is a simple and beautiful grounding flow. It honors the feminine energy within us- energy that is soothing, calm and creative. This flow feels amazing to the body and is said to balance the chakras. Do this flow at sundown or at night to end your day, you may repeat it several times or on its own. Just roll out your mat and feel better in less than 15 minutes!

Core and Hip Stability Flow 30min- Breath by breath we will reconnect with the core and stabilize the hips. This is a 30-minute post-partum yoga class that includes low-impact cardio and ends with hip opening stretches. This class is perfect if you want to rediscover your strength. 

Open, Release and Let Go 26min- This is an easy flow that focuses on opening up and stretching muscles around the hips and mobilizing the spine. In this class, we take a moment to release tension in your body and mind.
PRO TIP: It is ideal to practice yoga daily. If your schedule gets a little busy, aim for at least twice a week. 
*Consult with a licensed physical therapist if you are experiencing pelvic pain or back pain.

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