Private In-Person Prenatal/Postnatal Physical Therapy with Kevin Choy PT

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This type of bodywork is designed to address the needs of new and expecting mothers. We specifically focus on areas that you need the most during and after pregnancy.

A session can include aroma therapy, remedial massage, stretch therapy, acupuncture, and cupping therapy, and/or lymphatic drainage.

Overall, prenatal and postnatal bodywork can be a safe and effective way to manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during and after pregnancy. It can help to improve overall health and well-being, and may even contribute to a more positive birthing experience.


Kevin Choy is a Physical Therapist from Hong Kong known for movement therapy and hands on manual therapy techniques.

Kevin's passion for movement and learning has kept him up to date with the latest movement systems all around the globe, to empower every person he meets. His philosophy combines the east and west methods of treatment to make sure he, together with his patients, take control over injuries and become masters of their bodies.

His research-based guided manual therapy approach is geared towards optimal physical and mental recovery to manage day to day stresses to improve the human body's longevity, may it be for the everyday human all the way up to the elite athlete.

Kevin's mission is to help the people around him and equip them with the tools to age gracefully.



You can schedule your appointment once payment is confirmed and verified within 24hrs.

Clinic is located in Proscenium, Rockwell, Makati

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